The Clean Plate | Local San Antonio farm to table restaurant

Locally sourced farm to table food. AWI approved meat. Pasture raised chicken, pork,beef, and eggs.

We opened our restaurant with a simple goal in mind:  to serve food that is worthy of our restaurant’s name, The Clean Plate.  Our mission is, above all, to provide meals to our community that are sustainably and respectfully sourced. 

 When we speak of clean foods, we are referring to meat and produce that has been grown sustainably.  Sustainable food is free of carcinogenic pesticides, genetically modified ingredients, and is sourced locally whenever possible.  We believe it is an absolute necessity to only serve “clean foods” AND to do so at a reasonable price.

Our devotion to sustainability, in turn, ensures the freshest, tastiest, and most nutritionally dense foods possible, while additionally protecting your health,  the health of  future generations,  the health of our environment, and last but not least, supporting sustainable farming practices that enrich our lives on so many levels. 

After all, we are what we eat.

On a lighter note, we personally guarantee that the food we serve will be so tasty that you’ll “clean your plate”!


The Clean Plate

                                  1022 N Main St

                            San Antonio, TX 78212


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